• 2 Inch Machined Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers (Choose Fitment)

2 Inch Machined Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers (Choose Fitment)

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Two Inch Machined Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers. Factory UTV Two inch Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers add stability to your UTV. CNC machined for a precise fit and designed specifically for each UTV Model. Widens the stance of your UTV 4 inches for a more balanced platform. Adding width to a UTV wheelbase really helps stabilize the ride. Also allows for a far wider range of wheel selection options. Factory UTV is an industry leader in UTV performance products. From our famous UHMW Skidplates to complete swingarm kits, check out all our great UTV products (2 spacers)

warningPROP 65 WARNING

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in

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