Seizmik Pre-Runner Four Light Bar For 2 Inch Bars

  • Product Code: 150817-SEIZMIKPRE-2

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The Seizmik Pre-Runner Light Bar for 2 inch bars has four adjustable LED lights providing 6,480 lumens total with two spot beams on the inside and two flood beams on the outside.


  • Includes four LED light fixtures, bar, mounting kit, wiring harness and on/off switch
  • Each LED Fixture-18-Watt/1,680 lumens each
  • - Operating Voltage: 10- to 30-Volt DC each
  • - Current Draw: 0.675A @12-Volt/1.38A @24-Volt each
  • All four lights combined
  • - Total Lumens (four): 6480 (all four total)
  • - Total Op. Voltage: 10 to 80 Volt DC
  • - Total Current Draw: 2.7 A @12-Volt, 5.52A @24-Volt
  • - Housing Material: die-cast aluminum
  • - Lens: polycarbonate
  • - Mounting bracket: stainless steel
  • - Waterproof rate: IP 67
  • - Color Temp: 6,000k

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