• XK Glow 20 Inch XKChrom App Controlled RGBW LED Light Bar

XK Glow 20 Inch XKChrom App Controlled RGBW LED Light Bar

  • Brand: XK Glow
  • Product Code: 482189-XKGLOW-20

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The 20 inch XKChrome RGBW LED Light Bar features all the multi-color aspects anyone could possibly need. With the ability to use white light for normal projection light bar functions, a red light for hunting and green for fishing, as well as the ability to use white and amber in a strobing effect while on the work site. All that's needed is the XKChrome App that connects to the integrated XKChrome Bluetooth® controller and you can personalize the lights for any application imaginable.


  • Available in 14", 20", 32" and 50" sizes
  • Advanced independent app control on White and RGB channels
  • 5-Watt White, 3-Watt RGB LEDs
  • Built-in Bluetooth® controller
  • Simple 2-wire connection
  • App needs Android 4.4 version or higher, iOS 9 or higher
  • Change lights to preset color when activated
  • Sync light to music, speed or acceleration
  • 16 million color possibilities
  • Ability to color match by capturing color with camera
  • Over 15-holiday themes and DIY theme builder
  • Customizable sensor wire
Universal Fitment
Universal Fitment

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