Seizmik Pre-Runner 22 Inch LED Light Bar System

  • Product Code: 150843-SEIZMIKPRE-22

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22 in. 100-Watt LED light fixture provides 9,000 total lumens with six spot reflectors on the inside and four flood reflectors on the outside. CREE® high-intensity LEDs provide over 30,000 hours of useful light. Abrasion- and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens, optically clear. Custom molded silicone seal for 100% waterproof enclosure. Combination flood and spot reflectors provide maximum spread and throw. Super efficient LED driver circuitry passes 97% of the power directly to the LEDs. Hybrid reflector lens combo is 94% efficient for more light with less power. Damage to part of the light will only cause LEDs in that section to fail. Oversized heat sink keeps LEDs running cooler and brighter while lasting longer.


  • Operating voltage 10- to 30-Volt DC
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • Includes 22 in. 100-Watt LED light fixture, bar, mounting kit, wiring harness and on/off switch

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